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The Braves Lose Twice During UNCP Round Robin Tournament

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Pembroke native Summer Bullard pitches against Wingate. PN Photo/Andrew Thrift.

By Andrew Thrift

The Braves were back in action this week for the UNCP Round Robin Tournament after a trip to South Carolina where they beat the 12th in the nation, Anderson University.

The Braves started the tournament on Tuesday morning with a game against the Adelphi Panthers that turned into a tough battle for the Braves.

The Braves were out on top at the bottom of the third inning scoring three runs, putting them up three to nothing. The Panthers couldn’t deal with their zero on the board and scored their first run of the game during the top of the third, but the Braves held their own extending the lead by adding two more runs to their score making the game 5-1.

Adelphi racked up another two runs during the fourth inning with both teams going on to not score during the fifth.

The sixth inning was when the Braves started to lose their lead. The Panthers pulled off four runs during the top of the inning making the game 7-5 at the end of the sixth.

The Braves fought long and hard during the seventh but were no match for the Panther with both teams scoring two runs each during the inning. Final score: 7-9 Panthers.

Later on in the day, the Braves took on the Wingate Bulldogs. Even with the Bulldogs just finishing up a game against the Panthers, the Braves still knew the Bulldogs were gonna be a tough foe.

The first inning left both teams tied for zero. The top of the second was when the Bulldogs were able to show the Braves what they’ve got. The Bulldogs pulled out six total runs during the second inning putting them ahead 6-0.

During the third inning, the Braves allowed the Bulldogs to get another two points making the game 8-0.

The Braves were down by eight points but that didn’t stop their defense or offense. The Braves held the Bulldogs to a score of 8-0 for the remaining two innings. Mercy rule gave the Bulldogs the win with a perfect game leaving the Braves 0-2 at the end of the UNCP Round Robin Tournament.

The Braves went on to play the Adelphi Panthers again in a doubleheader Wednesday.

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