Spooky Sexual Assault Statistics


Statistics were put on display about women’s issues and sexual harassment. PN/ Eric Perez Velazquez

The American Association of University Women at Pembroke (AAUW) held a Spooky Statistics table at UC lounge.

The event was on Halloween. Though candy was disbursed, the purpose of the Spooky Statistics was to bring attention to the jarring facts that come from sexual assault and alcohol. The table consisted of a trifold poster board that contained tips, such as “DON’T TRAVEL ALONE,” “KNOW YOUR LIMITS,” and “KNOW THAT IT’S OKAY TO SAY NO.”

There was also a jacko’-lantern bucket that contained facts such as “An estimated 1,825 students die yearly of unintended alcohol-related accidents, including motor vehicle accidents.”

Much of the information displayed related to sexual assault, rape, and alcohol safety. The purpose of the table was to “create awareness about this information,” said Kayla Carlson.

“We don’t want to scare anyone,” as the statistics shown contained information about rape and sexual assault.”

“There is definitely more awareness today, students are aware of it even before they come to college.”

Despite the coverage of such information, Carlson feels “that they [students] aren’t aware when it happens around them.”

Carlson has met with people who have experienced some form of sexual assault here at UNCP.

“During my freshman year, I had a friend tell me she had been assaulted,” said Carlson.

Her friend was directed to the resources on campus. Carlson mentioned that “not much was done,” and due to the minimal action taken, her friend dropped out of college.

She notices that much of these sexual misconducts occur near the beginning and the end of the year, “a lot of partying happens during those times and that’s when these things occur more often.”

While college is an opportunity to advance one’s education, there are many other things that come with the college experience.

College can bring stress, which to some can grow overwhelming. There are many ways to reduce this stress, but for many, social gatherings be it partying or hanging out with friends are the best ways to enjoy and relax.

In many of these events, alcohol is present, which can impair motor skills. During these situations, students are also at risk of becoming careless and unaware of their surroundings.

While anyone can experience sexual assault, women outnumber men within these cases. Stated within one of the boards was a statistic that read, “Fewer than 5% of sexual offenses are reported. Speak Up!”

Although there may be awareness, there is still much that can be done to aid survivors.

Statistics displayed at the event by AAUW. PN Photo/ Eric Perez Velazquez

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