Bingo for Bullying Prevention


    Students and community members playing bingo at the event. PN Photo/ Tiarra Gordon

    Counseling and Psychological Services partnered with Student Inclusion and Diversity to host Bullying Prevention Bingo.

    The event was organized in the UC lounge and promoted the importance of bullying prevention and awareness to students on campus.

    October is bullying prevention month, CAPS and Student Inclusion, and Diversity wanted students to learn while also having fun.

    “We wanted to show bullying just doesn’t occur in grade school; it also happens in college and the workplace,” said Ayanna Williams.

    Derrica Battle and Alex Tutts represented CAPS at the event. Battle and Tutts, presented on bullying and mental health before the bingo game. The presentation showed students that bullying could happen to students, staff, and faculty members.

    Individuals who experience bullying could show signs of trauma and PTSD symptoms. These symptoms can affect their ability to create relationships, function in society and complete daily routines.

    “On a college campus, it can affect academics; students may feel a need to isolate themselves as avoidance mechanisms to avoid the cause of the bullying,” said Tutts.

    The end of the presentation opened up a conversation with the people in attendance, where attendees were invited to ask questions.

    After the presentation, students played bingo and were able to win prizes that came from global office engagement, housing and residence life, graduate school, and off-campus establishments.


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