Eight Easy Tricks for Avoiding Your Ex on a Small Campus


    Dating on a college campus can be difficult to say the least. Between clubs, friends and homework there isn’t much time left for a partner. Sometimes though, all of the right pieces fall into place.

    This of course makes it so much worse when that relationship comes to an end. The only thing worse than the break up is having to see your previous significant other everywhere on campus. Thankfully, there are a few easy tricks to ditch that awkward encounter.

    Take a new route to class

    If your usual way to class has you passing by your ex, try going a different way. Maybe this means stopping by Starbucks and grabbing your favorite drink or choosing the path by the library to walk between the trees.

    Keep your friends in the know

    Chances are that your friends became their friends too. Make sure the people around you are aware that you guys aren’t together anymore. This will keep your friends from inviting your ex to hangouts that they would have normally gone to with you.

    Try some new places to eat

    If your dates consisted of Chick-fil-A, the cafeteria, or Einstein’s on a regular basis, then your new dates can only go up from there. Try some of the great places off campus like Zeno’s, San Jose, and the new Fuller’s. If you’re confined to on campus dining, try going at a different time than your previously scheduled meal times.

    Take more trips on the weekends

    Whether it’s going home to see family or taking a quick beach trip with your friends, a weekend trip guarantees that your ex will stay out of sight (and hopefully, out of mind).

    Avoid the elevators

    There are few things worse than being stuck in an elevator with your ex. Try taking the stairs more often. Not only will this help get your steps in, but it makes those quick getaways if you see them much easier.

    Go in groups

    Nothing says “don’t come talk to me,” quite like being surrounded by a group of friends who can throw a mean side eye or ugly look at your ex.

    Switch up your seat

    Sometimes couples sign up for a class together without thinking of the what-ifs. If you’re stuck sitting beside an old haunt, grab a new seat a few rows in front of them. Pretty soon you’ll forget they’re even behind you.

    The important thing to note is that you don’t need to turn your whole world upside down and make yourself miserable over a college breakup. There’s plenty more time, plenty more people, and plenty of stuff due on Monday.

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