NC Promise FAQ


    1. Will N.C. Promise affect the institution’s enrollment?

    It’s safe to say that N.C. Promise will increase growth UNCP’s different departments and student body. According to UNCP’s site “With additional students will come additional resources.”

    2. When will N.C Promise go into effect?

    N.C. Promise is set to kick into full effect in the fall of 2018.

    3. Will the reduce in tuition affect the quality of education at UNCP?

    According to,“The NC Promise tuition plan will not affect our accreditations, academic offerings, student support or campus experience. In fact, we believe by strategically attracting additional students, the plan will result in an enhanced learning environment.”

    4. Does N.C. Promise apply to graduate students as well?

    No, N.C. Promise will only affect undergraduate tuition rates.

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