Students Solve a Murder Mystery in the Library


Students investigate the crime scene at the library’s murder mystery. Their goal was to solve the case. PN Photo/Raven Hanning

By Raven Hanning

The Mary Livermore Library hosted a “Murder Mystery Night” for students to relax after classes and learn about the library’s layout.

The event was held from 4-8 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 21, with 30 students and faculty participating.

This is the second “Murder Mystery Night” the library has hosted.

It themed around love in celebration of Valentine’s Day and followed the story of a love based betrayal that ended in a murder.

Students were invited to come alone or with friends to solve the case using clues on both the first and second floor before submitting their answers in a survey.

The actors for this event were library staff who organized the event over the past year.
“Making this all happen was my favorite part. We honestly repurposed most of what we used, a lot of the students liked what we had last time but wanted it to be more obvious what was part of the event,” said Elizabeth Jones who is an Outreach Librarian.

For more information on future events like the murder mystery, you can go to the events section on library’s website at

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