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Rihanna Has Big Reveal at the Super Bowl

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Rihanna performs “Rude Boy” at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. (Yong Kim/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS)

By Abigail Chabala 

Not only did Rihanna perform some of her top hits at the Superbowl Halftime show but she wore a stunning red jumpsuit halfway unzipped, revealing her baby bump during her 12-song set.

The last time Rihanna performed live prior to the halftime show this month was during the GRAMMYS in 2018, where she collaborated with DJ Khaled for “Wild Thoughts.” Rihanna’s Superbowl performance is one that won’t be forgotten. She performed on platforms hanging from the ceiling of State Farm Arena.

Her performance had many of her top hits, such as, “Wild Thoughts,” “Pour It Up,” “All of the Lights,” “Run This Town,” “Umbrella.” She finished the set list with “Diamonds” and opened her coat up at the end to expose her baby bump one last time on camera.

Rihanna did very minimal moves, while her backup dancers did more strenuous moves all around her, wearing white puffy jackets with their hoods up, with matching puffy pants and black sunglasses.

Fans speculated if she was pregnant as soon as the halftime show started, and Twitter flooded with tweets about whether she was pregnant with her second child or not. There were people saying it was obvious, and there were people saying it’s no one’s business if she was or not.

Prior to the Superbowl, Rihanna had an interview with CBS Sports’ Nate Burleson, where she said she was “thinking about bringing someone” as a surprise for the show. Burleson asked if she would tell him off camera where she laughed and said “no!”
At the beginning of “All of the Lights” one of her dancers came up to her with a makeup pallet, where Rihanna patted some makeup on her face, promoting her makeup line, Fenty Beauty.
When she started singing “All of the Lights,” some wondered if she would have Kanye West as the surprised guest for the show, but the song quickly transitioned into “Run This Town” at the part of the song where Kanye usually comes in.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed their first child in May 2022. A representative for Rihanna has confirmed that she is pregnant, and Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are expecting their second child.

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