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Original Japanese Prints Arrive at the A.D Gallery

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Print of women found in the gallery. PN Photo/Alana Peterson

By: Lydia Cooper & Alana Peterson

Located in Locklear Hall, the art department gallery (A.D Gallery) will have original Japanese prints on display.

The prints are all original with some dating back to 200 years ago. From Jan. 11-27, these prints will be on display in the A.D gallery. These include works from the Ukiyo-e era of print which was in Japan. The Ukiyo-e prints are types related to woodblock cutting techniques. The Ukiyo-e prints displayed in the A.D gallery were found between the 18th to 20th century. Ukiyo-e prints often portrayed famous actors and sumo wrestlers. Shin Hanga prints are displayed alongside the Ukiyo-e prints. 

These prints take a lot of inspiration from Ukiyo-e as a tribute to the pre-modernization of Japan. The exhibit was installed by gallery members and the gallery director, professor Joseph Begnaud. The prints are loaned by an anonymous loaner.

“The exhibit is really fun and relaxing,” said Leah Moore, one of the gallery members and a senior studio art major with a concentration in drawing. “There’s always fun and cool exhibits.” said Moore. 

The reception was held Jan. 25 and open to the public. Free food and drinks were provided. During the reception, the different printing tools and information relating to them were displayed. One of the tools displayed were the nori inks used in a lot of Japanese woodblocks. Nori is an acid-free water-based ink that dries clear. 

A lot of the inks and tools displayed had a brief description of what the items were and how to use them. There was also a video of Keji Shinohara, a Japanese traditional printmaker. In the video, Shinohara explains some of the ukiyo-e techniques he uses in his own pieces. One of the techniques Shinohara uses is the use of micro powder to create a metallic finish.

The video of Keji Shinohara can be accessed on Shinohara’s website at The A.D gallery will be hosting the next exhibition, “Passing Time” which will be displayed from Feb. 2- Mar. 13. The reception date will be announced soon. 

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