Volition Excites Fans About Their New Game Reboot


Saints row protagonist screen grabbed from Deep Silver’s official creator showcase. Image/Deep Silver

By Christopher Machine, Reporter

The Video Game development team Volition went live on Twitch with information on their upcoming release “Saints Row.” On April 21st, Volition showed off the various ways that players will be able to express themselves in a “Customization Showcase.”

The showcase was hosted by American Actress Mica Burton, and went into depth about character, clothing, vehicle, and weapon customization, though the primary focus was face and character customization. 

Character customization has always been one of “Saints Row’s” biggest celebration and has been expanded with every new title. “Saints Row” follows this formula, allowing the creator to attach prosthetic limbs to the protagonist and make their face asymmetrical.

Fans see a return of being able to layer the protagonist’s clothing, a feature that has been absent since the release of the original series’ sequel, “Saints Row 2.” 

Fan reception to the series reboot has definitely improved with this showcase, as many fans were concerned with this new release lacking the amount of creative liberties as before.

Fans have gone on to social media platforms such as reddit (on subredditr/SaintsRow) and twitter (at #SaintsRow) to discuss their support for the new game.     

While some fans are now looking more favorably on the new release, other fans are still holding onto their wallets with the claim that customization had never been their concern. Instead, these fans are voicing their disagreement with a reboot being released before officially finishing off their original story. 

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