‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Return of the Blue Blur’


“Sonic the Hedgehog 2” grossed $141 million worldwide as of April 25. Image/Paramount Pictures Studio

By Jaden Jones

The second installation in the Sonic The Hedgehog cinematic universe, “Sonic The Hedgehog 2”, came out just two years after the success of the first one.

The sequel amassed a total of $71 million during the first week of its screening, officially making it the #1 movie in the world. With a healthy combination of humor, suspense and action, it’s no wonder this movie was the hot topic all across social media.

The first movie was generally well-received, but one issue that is noticed was that Sonic wasn’t always as prominent as he should have been. Thankfully, the sequel strongly rectifies this previous issue. Sonic is the main focus of the movie, with the main human characters taking a backseat as they’re effectively pushed out into their own minor subplot at the start of the movie.

I thought this was a nice change of pace, as Sonic’s increased screen time made the sequel all the more entertaining. After all, I bought the tickets to see Sonic and his adventures, not a handful of regular people going about their normal day-to-day lives.

Granted, the story of the humans is shown briefly on several different occasions, but this is done for good reason. At one point in the movie, an unexpected twist occurs that explains why their little sideshow was necessary.

Sonic, or “Blue Justice,” as he’d prefer to be called, his adventure is one without a single dull moment. From snowboarding down a giant mountain to engaging in a dance battle to the death, Sonic’s got his hands full with all sorts of different perils. The worst of them by far is the notorious “Robotnik.” The Doctor’s back and he’s partnered with a familiar echidna known as “Knuckles.” 

With Robotnik’s brains and Knuckles’ brawn, they’re an unstoppable force that even Sonic was no match against. Thankfully, he finds an ally; a two-tailed fox who, goes by the name “Tails.” 

Sonic and Tails are a classic duo in the franchise, their friendship dating all the way back to 1992 when the actual “Sonic The Hedgehog 2” video game came out. While Robotnik and Knuckles might have them beat in firepower, the undying brotherhood of Sonic and Tails is sure to lead them to victory. 

With the excitement, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the movie is largely targeted toward a younger audience. There are many childish and cheesy jokes that aren’t going to get the adults laughing but kids will.

While the comedy elements might be lacking, there are still genuinely amusing moments that even the adults will find themselves chuckling at.

There are various easter eggs sprinkled throughout the movie that are sure to get the nostalgia flowing in a lot of longtime Sonic fans.

Two unmissable references were Sonic’s iconic “Super Sonic” form and the reveal of “Shadow The Hedgehog” during a mid-credits scene. I could hardly contain the shock and awe I felt during these moments and neither could many other viewers in the theater. 

This is why a person unfamiliar with Sonic The Hedgehog may not get as much entertainment out of the film, but there’s still plenty for them to enjoy. Ultimately, even though the movie focused on appealing to children, it was still made with both old and new Sonic fans in mind.

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