Shooting at Wing Co. Leaves Man Injured


Eyewitnesses say the individuals shooting had no regard for human life, and law enforcement were unable to shoot back. PN Photo/Andrew Thrift.

By Anayah Peterson, Managing Editor

The Pembroke Police Department continues investigation into a shooting that took place at The Wing Co. at 10:17p.m. on March 20. One man was injured and a vehicle damaged.

In the incident and investigation report, Officer Grant Florita was dispatched in response to a physical altercation taking place at The Wing Co.

While Officer Florita was in route, Pembroke Communications advised him that gunshots were being fired.

When Officer Florita arrived he spoke to Ricardo Clark, 33 of Maxton, who said he was jumped by a couple of Black males.

Clark said the fight started when they were trying to take his gold chain, once Clark picked the chain up they were trying to take his gold chain, once Clark picked the chain up off the ground, he was jumped.

The fight abrutly ended when someone started shooting.

Cornelius Callahan, 34 of Red Springs, was shot in the right arm and was treated by Robeson EMS at the scene.

Callahan told the police, “he was standing in the parking lot facing the building when the shooting started.”

One window was damaged at The Wing Co. and a gas tank on a motorcycle owned by Jock Clark.

The window damage at The Wing Co. is estimated at $500.

One witness told police that after the shooting they saw a Black male with dreads wearing a blue colored jacket and carrying a semi-automatic pistol. Another witness said the suspect was “hanging with Jock Clark.”

The men who jumped Ricardo Clark fled on Lowry St. towards Harry West Lane.

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