The Silhouettes Dance Live in Acton at GPAC


After performing a dance routine about love and hope, The Silhouette dancers form their bodies into the word “forever” against a sparkly background. PN Photo/ Victor Mays.

By: Michaela Tisdale, Promotions and Social Media Manager

“The Silhouettes” dance group performed at GPAC. The shadow dance group were first runners-up on “America’s Got Talent” Season 6 and received a golden buzzer for one of their acts.

The group is made up of kids and the overall group is instructed by Lynne Waggoner-Patton. Their coach describes them as her “shadow dancers.” The dance group has been around for 12 years and they are currently traveling the world performing their shadow dance talents. The dance group has a studio located in Colorado.

Their routine is comprised of dancers using their bodies to create shapes out of their silhouettes. The stories are heartfelt and make the audience feel every single emotion that they are portraying.

The overall theme of their group is called “The power of yes.” Their overall goal is to help people whether it is children or adults.

Their stories create an overall message that people can learn from and think about. Some of the themes that the shadow dance group portrayed are hope, kindness, strength, family, fairy tale, veterans serving, best friends, love, animals and loving yourself.

The auditorium was filled with community members, faculty and students. The group had performed the night prior in Las Vegas. Each story that the dance group presented had its own shadow dance performance.

The show started with the history of the group’s journey on “America’s Got Talent.” Even though the group didn’t win, this didn’t stop them from continuing to perform and travel the world to showcase their shadow talents. Each story opened up with a few sentences to describe what each act or theme was going to be.

This was easy for the audience to understand what the story would be about before any of the dancers started dancing.

One of the most memorable dances was the Disney dance. The dancer’s silhouettes recreated scenes from famous Disney movies such as “The Little Mermaid”, “Princess and the Frog” and “Beauty and the Beast.” This was a crowd favorite because everyone was cheering as each figure popped up on the screen.

Another crowd favorite was when the shadow dancers performed a theme for the veterans who served in the military. Each figure that appeared depicted how families felt whenever they had a loved one leave to go into the military.

The tension in the audience was very quiet and somber. The dance group finished the theme off by spelling the word “Heroes” with their bodies.

A few people from the crowd shared their overall experiences on the show and how it made them feel. “The show was great, good and felt really good to have gatherings again,” faculty member Missy McLean said. McLean brought one of her friends, Elizabeth Groves, as well to the show and she shared her thoughts and opinions on the show.

“Everyone seemed to be really into the show, it was a live show, quality talent,” Groves said.

The dance group left Pembroke to go back to Colorado to prepare for their next event.

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