KYLE’s ‘It’s Not So Bad’ Album: Its Kind of Bad


Album artwork for “It’s Not So Bad.” Image/Instagram/SuperDuperKyle

By: Victor Mays, Reporter

After being away from the music spotlight for quite some time “KYLE” returns with his new album “It’s Not So Bad.” KYLE is a rapper and songwriter who became famous in 2016 with his debut single “iSpy.”

“It’s Not So Bad’’ was released on Spotify and Apple Music.

“Cmon” “Cmon” is a song that blends some modern pop with some early 2000s drum beats in the background. While the song is catchy and easy to sing, the song is definitely a little repetitive. However it is not just the words that are repetitive but the beat and instrumental doesn’t go anywhere and doesn’t seem to build to some great climax like some other songs.

This song is definitely what Modern rap and pop music sounds like. There are vulgarities that sort of drag the song down for me. This is the type of song that makes you feel like you are on a night drive through a neon city.

“Perfect” is the type of song to make you want to stand up and dance. When the beat drops, I become sucked into the music. This is definitely the type of dance song to be played at a club. if you are on a drive, this is the type of song that you roll your window down to.

“Unreplaceable” “Unreplaceable” is a song that does not just feature KYLE. Craig David is listed as a feature on this track. This song is ultimately forgettable to me. There is nothing distinct about this song that could differentiate between other songs. There are moments in here that do somewhat sound like Early 2000s songs.

“Sunday” “Sunday” has a very Los Angeles daytime drive feel to it. The instrumental however I liked more than the actual lyrics. Ultimately I like the song,

“Do Not Answer” The song made me feel like I was on a cloud. Despite its fast pace at moments the song is pretty relaxing. The chorus of the song was for me the best part. That is in no small part due to the instrumental which outside of the tambourine in the background is very calming.

“Love’s theme song” This song is pretty short. It clocks in at one minute and thirty four seconds. Due to the length it does not give the song ample time to sit with me. All I can really say is that I like the instrumental.

“Thumb thru” This track also has another artist featuring on it. Ivory Scott joins KYLE in a short but sweet song that for me lacks a lot of substance. It just comes off as noise sometimes more than an actual song.

“Shiesty” This is one of my favorites on this album. Just like the last few songs it is very short. Much like the “Love’s theme song,” it’s not long enough to make that good of an impression on me. This one does have a decent instrumental and the lyrics are pretty easy to understand and memorize. 

“Optimistic” This track features Dougie F. I did not like this song. However I did enjoy that it is more lowkey then some of the more upbeat ones on the album. 

“Eternity” “Eternity” is too short. It’s got a great instrumental and lyrics. It should have been longer. The song has an afro beat feel to it, which makes this one pretty memorable. 

“Sleepyhead” This was a unique song. I really liked the 80s feel to it. It’s also the perfect length of songs. It lets the artist and the instrumental breath a little.

Overall, the album is very inconsistent with its sounds. It tries to be retro and modern at the same time. This is not one of my favorite albums by KYLE. It is a decent album, but it is not for me.

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