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Greek Life Takes on ‘Squid Game’ as Field Day

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Team Two during “Tug of War” before winning. PN Photo/ Anayah Peterson

Students are running in “Red Light Green Light” trying to reach the finish line. PN Photo/ Anayah Peterson

By: Anayah Peterson, Reporter

“Squid Game” was trending on Netflix when it lost its top ranking to season three of “YOU.” Students were not bothered and still showed their excitement for the show.

It was a field day at the UC Lawn on Nov. 18. Various fraternities, sororities, UNCP’s Woman and National Council of Negro Women hosted Squid Game for the entire student body.

Several games from the show were hosted while adding their own games into it so that way students can participate in a variety of activities.

Games from the show were “Red Light Green Light” and “Tug of War.” The games added were musical chairs and a sack race. Anyone could participate in these games and it was encouraged for many to participate. Those who participated wore a number while playing.

The games started at noon and everyone was heading to “Red Light Green Light” A timer was set for two minutes just. like the show with one person covering their eyes when the light was green for players to move.

When the student’s eyes were uncovered, players needed to stop or they would be eliminated.

Some students did not make it to the end while others did. Two students had approximately 15 seconds left to make it over the threshold for the safety zone. They were able to make it with two seconds to spare.

Aniya King, senior, participated in “Red Light Green Light.” She was player 27 in the game.

“I think that I would have survived Squid Game. I was able to get through “Red Light Green Light,” said King.

She really enjoyed having the ability to be out with other organizations. It was a great event to host with others. She also played “Tug of War.”

The next game after that one was “Tug of War”. Students were counted off into two different teams.

They played the games three times with the same team winning on the right. Khiana Williams, a senior, was with the winning team in this event.

“I would have not survived Squid Game. I did win at “Tug of War”, but I would have lost if it was the craving game from the show,” Williams said.

Sack race was hosted and people were ready to watch. Players lined up at the starting line while others watched from the finish and sidelines.

The student who won the race did it with a small sacrifice. When he leaped towards the finishing line he went face first and tumbled. Nonetheless, he accomplished beating the others in the race.

The games were cut short from the unexpected rain; however, it did not stop anyone from having fun. Instead a few fraternities strolled at the UC Patio away from the rain with the music still going on.

There were no prizes at the event, but many participated.

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