Brave Boxes Help Fight Childhood Food Insecurity


    Every year, 3.1 million children die from hunger-related issues globally. This includes malnutrition. Every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger. Information provided by Andrew Prevatte, Student Service Leader

    By: Alyssa Hernandez, Managing Editor

    Andrew Prevatte, Student Service Leader at the Care Resource Center, believes no child should go hungry. To combat this issue, he started the “Brave Box” drive.

    A Brave Box is a plastic bin filled with non-perishable meals, beverages and snacks. These boxes will be donated to Rex-Rennert Elementary School in Shannon. The boxes will go to 50 students in need to help alleviate their food insecurity when they’re home from school for the winter break. These students will also be provided with school supplies when they return to school.

    “I believe that no child should go to sleep hungry, and I wanted to help elementary school students and their families during the holiday season by alleviating food insecurities and income-inequalities,” Prevatte said.

    Anyone can donate to the Care Resource Center until Dec. 3 to support Brave Box. Prevatte said they will also accept hygiene items and toys.

    So far, most of the donations have been from students. However, according to Prevatte, donations have also come from employees in the American Indian Heritage Center, Office of Human Resources, Student Health Services, Finance and Administration, Givens Performing Arts Center, and the Department of Chemistry and Physics. Prevatte said more organizations plan on participating.

    The items Brave Box have received the most are instant macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles, instant mashed potatoes, bookbags, paper and water.

    Rex-Rennert Elementary School Principal Nikki Brooks said she is thankful for the donations and hopes the program is on-going.

    “Yes, we would love for this to continue,” Brooks said. “Our students many times come to school not knowing if they will have food at home or not. Some eat two and three breakfasts and any extra lunch they can,” she explained.

    The Brave Box initiative exceeded its original goal of 1,000 pounds of food and school supplies on Nov. 23 when they reached 1,240 pounds.

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