‘Star Wars: Visions’

Star Wars: Visions is an anime inspired series of short films. The Series was initially Released on Sept. 22. Photo/Starwars.com

By: Andrew Thrift, Sports Editor

Disney Plus released their newest show from the Star Wars universe. The Anime style show was released September 22, 2021 with all episodes available for streaming through their platform.

“Visions” elists seven Japanese animation studios to bring a new perspective to the Star Wars through nine anthology short films.

The running time for each episode can run from 13-22 minutes. This makes binge watching easier for viewers who may not have a lot of time to watch TV. 

“Star Wars :Visions” did not have to adhere to the established “Star Wars” Timeline. 

Each Visions episode is in it’s own style and characters. With some episodes bringing in recognizable characters like Boba Fett who will have his own Disney Plus show in late 2021. 

Episode one, titled “The Duel” by the production company Kamikaze Douga, follows a town after the fall of the First Order that is being raided by pirates that use the First Orders armor and weapons. 

When a wanderer and his droid come upon the village. The pirates have a trick up their sleeve though, they have a Sith.

The wanderer faces off against the Sith and her umbrella-like lightsaber only to reveal that his lightsaber is also red. This shocked her and left a window for him to strike. 

The two face off for a majority of the episode and  the wanderer left victorious. 

“My favorite episode was episode three,” said Talisha Bell “I loved how we got a similar shot that we first saw in episode eight with the destroying a ship by blasting into hyperspace through it. It really left me speechless when I watched it. The episode as a whole was very beautiful to watch. Episode four looked like the Pokemon style for it’s characters.” 

Episode six reminds viewer Ishary Lopez of Osamu Tezuka’s “Astro Boy” from 1952. A Japanese manga with 112 episodes. ​​Astro becomes a surrogate son to Ochanomizu who creates a robotic family for Astro and helps him to live a normal life like an average human boy, while accompanying him on adventures. 

“I loved watching Astro Boy as a kid, and it brought me joy to see the same type of story again. It was a very sweet episode and it was beautiful to watch,” senior Ishary Lopez said. 

Executive Producer James Waugh said there is nothing planned right now for the future of the show. There will be an extension to some of the stories on other media. One of the characters will have a novel released in October 2021. This will be the first in the series of Visions novels.

The series has yet to be renewed for a second season, but fans hope the show will get renewed.

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