Enrollment and Retention Increases at UNCP

    Enrollment data at UNCP from 201 to 2020. PN/Infographic/Anayah Peterson

    By: Anayah Peterson, Reporter

    UNCP increased in enrollment and the retention of first-year students again. The school has increased every year since 2018. 

    The school has reached nearly a 1% increase in enrollment compared to the year 2020. It was possible to reach the goal of growth, even with COVID-19 being a significant factor. 

    The UNCP website reports that there has been a 32% spike in enrollment in the past five years. The Office of Admissions was able to admit more students despite the restrictions for COVID last year.

    The campus is bustling, with more students walking around and participating in the events provided. Seats in classes are filling up, along with parking spaces on campus.

    Students who have attended UNCP before fall 2021 are noticing the changes from the increased enrollment. 

    Additionally, new students get to learn about the development that UNCP is going through from these increases. 

    Daisha Holmes, a junior, has attended UNCP since the fall semester of 2019. Holmes says she has noticed more cars on campus along with more students participating in events. 

    “With the increase of students residing on campus, I am worried about housing. It also has been tough to park on campus with the increase of students,” Holmes said. 

    Laken Knowles, a junior, is excited about the increase of students on campus.

    Knowles does share her concerns with COVID still lingering around. It worries her that people may refuse to do things that will help the community. Such as wearing a mask indoors and respecting capacity limits. 

    “I think it’s great! It’s nice to see the campus so lively and full. It makes campus events much more fun,” said Knowles.

    UNCP’s admission office has waived undergraduate applications for the 2022 school year. This could potentially lead more people to take interest in applying for UNCP.

    Students are enrolling at UNCP because they enjoy the campus size and the offer from NC Promise. The NC Promise is a program that offers tuition for in-state students for $500 dollars and for out-state students it is $2,500 dollars.

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