Wednesday, June 7, 2023

PAC Hosts Free Airbrush T-Shirt Event at UC Mall

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Chaznee Hunt, junior, and Logan Locklear, senior, show of their free new airbrush t-shirts. PN Photo/ Anayah Peterson

By: Anayah Peterson, Reporter

Students are always looking for something fun to do on campus and PAC does this by providing a station for free airbrush t-shirts at the UC Mall.

On Nov. 9, students had from 1 – 4 p.m. to pick out a shirt from the table with a style of their choosing. There were 6 presets for students to choose from and they could customize the text. The shirts were airbrushed right in front of them in a few minutes.

Some students joined the line in between classes while others were able to join after their classes were finished for the day. The queue wrapped into the lounging area at the UC Lounge.

Chaznee Hunt, a junior and Logan Locklear, a senior, were in the line together getting their free airbrush t-shirts.

“This is a really different event that the school is doing. I hope they do more events like this,” Locklear said.

Other students like Jamari Cradle, a junior, enjoyed the event because of the free t-shirt.

“It’s a long wait, but it’s free. I am happy about adding another shirt to my collection of free shirts,” Cradle said.

Cradle was not able to get a shirt because the line cut off around 3:30pm when they ran out of t-shirts to use for the event.

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