Partying Away at Glo-Fest for First Year Students


    Students posing with props and balloons. PN Photo/ Mahala Treish

    A group of students dancing. PN Photo/ Mahala Treish

    By: Mahala Treish, Photo Editor

    To celebrate Resident Appreciation Week on Wednesday, Nov. 3, a Glo-Fest was held for resident students to show an appreciation for their choice of on-campus housing.

    There were 168 swipe ins at the Glo-Fest event in total for the night. Students who came to the event were able to enjoy food and activities all around the UC Annex.

    The activities for the attendees to participate in were a neon balloon made photo booth, dancing and socializing with their peers and Resident Advisers. There was also food in the back room that attendees were able to enjoy. There was small sandwiches, chicken tenders, chips, drinks and many more snacks.

    The music kept everyone entertained especially when the line dancing songs came on many people made their way to the dance floor.

    Lucy Hunt, Community Director of University Village Apartments, created this event for the resident appreciation week.

    “This event was inspired by Resident Hall appreciation so we decided to have a week to appreciate them living on campus because if it wasn’t for them, we would not be here,” Hunt said.

    Residential housing gives many people jobs from students to faculty members and without people willing to live in these residential halls there would be no need for any of the workers.

    “My favorite part about the event would be seeing all of the different faces and seeing them enjoy all of the hard work we put in for this event to go smoothly,” Hunt said.

    Jeremiah Rodgers, a freshman and member appreciated the event.

    “I came to the Glo-Fest event because I thought it sounded cool and I was mostly excited about the glow sticks,” Rodgers said.

    The event had many different accessories to help people get into the spirit with themes from glowing glasses to glow stick bracelets.

    The night was filled with students dancing and socializing with one another while enjoying the effects of a black light.

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