H.R.2578 Lumbee Recognition Act


Staff Report

Introduced in the House on April 22, 2021, Lumbee Recognition Act was approved by the House of Representatives on Nov. 1. If approved by the Senate and signed into law, the act would allow tribal members to receive services and benefits from the federal government

The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina considers Robeson, Cumberland, Hoke and Scotland Counties as the tribal area.

With input from the tribe, the Department of Interior and the Department of Health and Human Services would determine the needs of the tribe and which services would be available to its members. The Department of the Interior could also take land into trust.

If the Lumbee were to be federally recognized, the state of North Carolina would have jurisdiction over criminal and civil offenses that take place on land owned by the tribe, or land held in trust for the Lumbee. The exception being an agreed transfer (between the tribe and state) of jurisdiction to the federal government.

Sponsors of the bill include North Carolina Representatives Dan Bishop, David Price, Richard Hudson, Deborah Ross, Ted Budd, David Rouzer and Gregory Murphy.

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