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Future Renovations at Village Apartments

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A Village Apartments resident’s shower. PN photo/Alyssa Hernandez.

By: Anayah Peterson, Reporter

Village Apartments at UNCP are looking at a possible renovation during the summer of 2022. Despite the difficulties to renovate, there is still much needed planning to accomplish this.

When it comes to renovating a housing facility, typically it is done during the summer. However, it was hard to renovate during the year 2020 because of COVID-19. Since a renovation couldn’t be done during the summer of 2020, Pine Hall renovations were moved to the summer of 2021 which pushed Village Apartments to the summer of 2022.

Paul Posner is the Director of Housing and Residence Life. He has been here for three years and expresses his passion to help improve life for staff and students at these housing facilities.

“I want to find ways to improve a safe place for staff and residents to be happy at,” Posner said.

Housing and Residence Life at UNCP strives to offer a safe and connected community for residential students. Posner had a three year plan, which was to renovate Courtyard, Pine Hall and Village.

“The main focus for Pine Hall renovations was the facility itself,” Posner said.

Pine Hall’s common space and study areas have been renovated this year during the summer. To help provide more comfort for students living there. The study space at Pine Hall has new couches for residing students.

When it comes to potential renovation ideas at Village, not much has been said on it; however, Posner has said that they are looking into renovating the inside of the facilities.

They will be looking into the kitchen, common space and bathrooms for students. Additionally, a possible renovation for the exterior of the apartments. Housing and Residence Life focusing on the buildings that they currently have instead of building new ones.

NaTazia Hampton, a junior, previously lived at Village Apartments during her sophomore year. She would prefer for Housing and Residence Life to work on the bathrooms.

“I want housing to focus on the bathrooms if possible. I did not like that there were cracks in the shower; however, I know that Village is an old apartment,” Hampton said.

Residents living at apartments on campus have spoken about a possible cat issue around the area. Posner informs that students should report the issue to their Resident Advisor (RA’s) if they notice it. He instructed students to not feed the cats if a resident encounters one.

It has been a challenge for Village Apartments to receive an update within the facility due to COVID. Posner is hopeful for more information about the renovations in the future.

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