Staff Spotlight: New Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs


Since last month, Art Malloy was named Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

“I saw that this institute was poised for greatness,” Malloy said. “We have a great staff [student affairs] here in place and they’ve been here for a long time, there’s a lot of experience already here.”

According UNCP’s Student Affairs website, student affairs is responsible for providing a variety of student support, services, educational programs and facilities.

Malloy’s main goal upon taking the position is to bring his own experiences from the 6-7 different universities he attended to make sure that all UNCP students develop into professionals from the day they come into college and after they graduate

“Student success means to me, that I going to do anything that I can do to recruit the best students,” he said. “I’m going to do anything I can do to help them stay here, I’m going to support them through working with my colleagues to get them all of the tools and resources that they need in order to be gainfully employed before they leave here.”

Malloy recommends those who have graduated should come back to UNCP to inspire the other classes through their experiences of attending college. He believes its important because students start to develop different types of networks so that students may get the careers that they want before they graduate college instead of after.

For UNCP, Malloy believes in starting the conversation earlier for students so they are able to articulate what they intend to do with their degree, what are their plans for when they graduate and what are their plans to achieve those goals on a ‘daily basis’. In other words, reciting their “elevator pitch.”

“We have to make sure the day students come in to when they go out that they know what their goals are,” he said.

Providing more network for students and organizations that focus mainly on the majors to help the students gain experience.

There are events on campus but Malloy wants to see more for students to be able to add to their resume so that “students have a nice resume in the next 3-4 years that will allow them to compete with any other school in the state of North Carolina.”

Malloy gives insight on how diversity plays a role in the future careers of college students. He discusses his past experiences of being cultural involved with other races. As far as events, Malloy hopes to see more inclusive events on campus celebrating other cultures traditions.

“Diversity by itself is nothing more than we have a lot of different people, but inclusion means that you feel that you are part of the fabric of the institution,” Malloy said.

Malloy believes in embracing other cultures and he recommends more students to do the same because “who knows who your supervisor will be.”

During an SGA meeting on Mar. 20, Malloy discussed with the senators about a possible career fair at UNCP with the “best recruiters all over the world” for students to attend.

“I believe that we have the best students in the world, so I want everyone to see that,” he said. “So, if we end up with 100 employers next year, I’ll be looking for 120 that following year and then after that year I’ll be looking for 140.”

In order for this to take off, Malloy wants the everyone to be ready with engaging the students in the resume building, experiences within their majors and working on their elevator pitches.

He wants to get them comfortable enough to talk about the plans for the rest of their lives.

With student affairs, Malloy hopes to the continued growth with the staff and facilities so that they can maintain a competitive edge with other institutions.

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