North Carolina Local Government Budget Association Advices UNCP Students


The North Carolina Local Government Budget Association visited UNCP to advise students how local government entities budget their money.

Three presenters from the association discussed working in local government finance.

Engaging students with discussion the intricacies of budget and financing.

Represenating three different counties across North Carolina, UNCP alumni Chris Cauley represenating Mecklenburg County, UNCP alumni Janet Schafer representing Cabbarus County and Paarth Mehta representing Wake County.

Hosted by UNCP’s Political Science Department, the NCLGBA representatives answered student questions and offered career advice.

While budget may not be the most interesting topic, the representatives made engaging dialogue between the mixed crowd of graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff.

“While our organization is budget association, our mission statement doesn’t just include budget,” Mehta said. Strategy, performance measurement, these kind of five principles in mind – accuracy, continuous learning, diverse membership, networking and collaborative partnership.”

Working to make students aware of what they do not only as self proclaimed detectives, but as councilmen, to ensure elected officials continue to understand what happens in a budget and finance office.

“We in the budget office, we have to make sure that whatever was adopted at the beginning of the year, we have that same number throughout the year – unless we have taken things to the Board to change it,” Mahta said. While offering ‘solutions and innovations’ NCLGBA continues to help make organizations more effective in their budget process.

The organization are visiting a number of schools from Duke, UNC-Charlotte, UNC, North Carolina State, including our own University and more.

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