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    Delight Ministries was started on UNCP’s campus in spring of 2018. Delight is a nationwide ministry that invites college women into a Christ-centered community that allows them to be open about what they are going through and transforms stories that women can relate to.

    “I decided to start Delight here at UNCP because I saw something special in the way Delight spreads the word of God. Delight is so different than any other ministry because the stories are so relatable. Being able to spread His word to the women at Pembroke is an amazing experience,” junior Meeghan Woorden said.

    Delight ministries has over 100 chapters across the United States. On UNCP’s UNCP Volunteers Help Children Read and Write campus the leaders focus on providing women with tools and resources to grow and sustain a Christ-centered place for women to worship.

    Delight gather “delight dinners” so they can come together to spend time with one another and attend “delight dates” to hosts devotionals. They also do services where they have taken time to pick up the trash and clean up UNCP’s campus.

    Members of Delight share stories of their struggles and testimonies. These stories open up conversations during the meetings that allow the women to all grow together.

    They gathered to share the story of a young woman named Hannah whose testimony described “finding your identity and embracing the gifts that God has given to people.”

    According to the story, “In college we are surrounded by people who are doing big things, have huge dreams, and are pursuing their God-given passions. We must remember that the purpose behind our out time in college is to discover our passions and the path God has designed for us.”

    After the story, the women did an activity together about sharing their God-given gifts that they see in the person sitting next to them.

    “Coming to college is a very difficult process while leaving your home, family,

    and friends to move to a new place. Being in Delight has brought me so many new friends that are my new family. The best part about this family is that we all share the love for Jesus,” Woorden said.

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