New Challenges to Abortion Ripple Across Multiple States


In one of the nation’s strictest abortion laws, Ohio passed a law that prohibits abortion after the first detectable heartbeat.

Numerous states like Texas and North Dakota, have made attempts to impose stricter access to abortions within their states.

According to the Associated Press, the “North Dakota Republican Gov. Doug Burgum signed legislation Wednesday that makes it a crime for a doctor performing a second-trimester abortion to use instruments such as clams, scissors and forceps to remove the fetus from the womb.”

A failed bill in Texas, proposed that women and physicians who perform abortions receive the death penalty.

Texas House Bill 896 would charge women who get abortions with assault or criminal homicide, both of which are criminalized by death in Texas.

Students at UNCP reacted to the new abortion challenges across the country.

“If they are going to ban abortions, they need to give healthcare. Healthcare for the mother and child she probably couldn’t afford. They are creating new ways to go in debt and not raising no type of funds to support the people they are forcing motherhood on. That’s one of the reasons women get abortions because they don’t have support,” Stasia Maddox said.

North Carolina

— (AP) The abortion debate is intensifying in North Carolina over a Republican measure supporters say will ensure doctors care properly for live babies delivered in unsuccessful abortions.

Abortion-rights activists argue the proposal slated for state Senate floor debate late Monday is unnecessary for a non-existent problem and is designed to intimidate physicians and women who need medically necessary later-term abortions.

The bill requires health care practitioners to treat a child born alive after an abortion like any person. They could face a felony charge with active prison time and monetary penalties if they don’t.

Social conservatives present data showing post-abortion live births occur and describe adults who say they survived them. Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper criticized the measure through a spokeswoman, raising expectations he’d veto it if given legislative approval.

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