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UNCP Meets Small Library Comic-Con

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The Friends of the Library hosted their version of a comic-con in the Mary Livermore Library.

Dr. Robert Canida, the director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, said the Friends of the Library’s program committee wanted to promote their vision of the event and to provide inclusion.

The event was called “Library-con,” an inspired theme for those who attend larger comic book and anime conventions.

There were four presenters that evening; Professor Robert Epps, Professor Teagan Decker, student Sydney Oxendine and student Lilly Fowler.

Epps did his presentation on animation and motion graphics. Discussing his life in art after going to college to major in music education, only to get his master’s in fine arts. He showed demonstrations of his color shading skills from various comic books that he was a part of.

Decker’s presentation was on “how literature will change your life.” She describes some types of literature that have raw and uncut plots. For example, Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare, Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, My Bondage and My Freedom by Frederick Douglass and Passing by Nella Larson.

Oxendine gave a comic book character history lesson on DC’s Harley Quinn. From her start with the Joker to ending with her own solo comic book series.

Then Fowler gave tips on how to create a cosplay costume on a budget. She recommended a sewing kit, glue, acrylic paint, liquid stitch, fabric, clay, jewelry making supplies, using old clothes, pattern making by using duct tape and a sketchbook on taking notes for costume ideas.

“When dealing with fabric, you want to know what you’re working with,” Fowler said.

She also gave advice on how to properly color and wash the wigs that go with the cosplay costume. She recommends using strong gel or spray, a wig brush, dry shampoo and fabric softener since most cosplay wigs are synthetic. For makeup usage, she claims using cheap brands will help with body paints or other face makeups that the cosplay character might have.

At the end of the event, the Friends of the Library hosted a cosplay contest to see who had the best costume. Kayla Moody won third place for her Harley Quinn from DC comics cosplay, Fowler won second place for her Taako from the Adventure Zone cosplay and Oxendine won first place for her Raven from DC comics cosplay.

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