Creating the Beauty of New Beginnings


Jasmine Poe popped her arm against the wooden stand as she greets six to eight members of Beauty of New Beginnings (BNB) with a hand wave. Her nails glistened with rhinestones on every other finger. With her other hand she reached into her bag to retrieve her iPhone and she clicked the side button. A bright light glared back at her. It was finally 4 p.m. and it was time to get down to business. She reserved a room in the Chavis University Center, that will now be occupied with other women who walked in with different styles of clothing.

Poe felt the energy around her rise into this positive vortex as she welcomed everyone with a warm smile.

Poe, 21, is a student at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke who started her own organization called Beauty of New Beginnings.

“I love this organization, there’s people with different personalities coming together and everyone is welcomed, it’s a no judgement zone,” BNB member Destiny Chambers said.

Her focus for the organization is to advocate against domestic violence. She plans to empower and help victims cope with domestic violence. She believes that there should be a safe space for those who were affected and created an organization that will not judge those victims.

“Last year, I was trying to see if the campus would get the feel of the organization,” Poe said. “Once I got more people into it, we started the process in the fall of 2018.”

BNB is planning an event to host a fashion show for at-risk children at the Transit Center Mentoring Program. The members are going to help with make-up and hair while the modeling organization, Vanity Affair Modeling Troupe, helps with modeling.

“We stand for self confidence by enhancing the outer and inner beauty,” Poe said. “My platform is to learn how to love yourself in your own skin.”

BNB provides skin care routines, hair care routines and make-up routines to enhance a person’s image.

“I think it’s a fun, positive organization and it’s surrounded by people with a common interest,” Secretary of BNB Racqual Heard said.

With the help of her adviser Alice Locklear, Poe became one of the many students to create their own organization and already have their name out on Brave Connect.

Locklear said she had Poe in her Human Diversity and Population at Risk class when she introduced the idea of the organization.

“Jasmine came to me towards the end of the semester and asked me to consider being the adviser for the organization she was thinking of opening up. She talked about her vision and planted the seed,” Locklear said.

“I could feel the importance of that for her. When I walked into the meeting I felt a calmness in the atmosphere and it was professionally done,” she said.

Poe’s determination shines through her work ethic and her ability to create a profound organization who advocates for those in need. Poe earned the respect of others around her and she hopes the organization will continue to represent that self-confidence and judgement free zone after she graduates.

“It’s a new beginning for me, so why not make it beautiful,” she said. Poe describes how starting an organization was the “hard part” but then she met some “strong minded women and men” upon making BNB. With her current members and adviser’s help, Poe was able to gain around 15 to 20 members in BNB within a year.

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