Givens Performing Arts Center Director James M. Bass


    Q) What is the seating capacity of the GPAC?

    A) 1,600

    Q) How are the acts for the GPAC chosen?

    A) It starts with first finding out what is available. People tend to think it’s as easy as picking and choosing what you want, and there you go. It’s more to it than that. I have a network or artists, agents, and managers and they let me know who is touring, when they are available and what their fee is. I will often use audience surveys and my advisory board to learn what our audiences want to see, and then I work with the aforementioned resources to make it happen.

    Q) With UNCP’s ever present claims and achievements concerning diversity, how or is this taken into consideration when acts are chosen? Are all speakers politically inclined like several of those under the Distinguished Speaker Series?

    A) The GPAC’s mission statement is to provide cultural arts enrichment for the University community. We don’t evaluate a performance based on whether it’s right wing or left wing in politics, or anything concerning race or gender. It’s also necessary to be clear that the Distinguished Speaker Series of current is not owned by GPAC. It’s a Center for Campus Engagement and Leadership program. We are simply co-sponsors. That said, that series is just part of a bigger season series that includes, popular music, symphony music, Broadway musical, a Scottish bagpipe band, an R&B revue performance, and a magic show. It’s about having something for everyone – not just people who like politics.

    Q) Do you know what’s next for the GPAC? Care to tell?

    A) I’m the director! I’m supposed to know everything! Here’s our website: We are also on social media. We’re planning next year’s season, but I can’t say anything until the contracts are signed.

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