From Greek Life to the New Movement


    In honor of black history month, the Black History Club hosted an event, the New Negro Movement, with guest speaker Dr. David Matthew Walton on Feb. 20 at the James B. Chavis University Center.

    The event’s theme was ‘intelligence, education, scholarship, transforming and stepping away from the stereotype’.

    Walton is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and wants fellow members to do more than just cross.

    He touched on the topic of leadership and the history of fraternity and sorority membership.

    “You’re not a leader just because you pledge, the leading comes afterwards because you’re getting trained to lead,” he said.

    He spoke on representing organizations by using social media accounts as an example.

    “I go on twitter or other social media and see people with their organizations talking reckless, seeing them call each other explicit names, but they got a diamond in their bios,” he said.

    For people who have just entered into their respective organizations, Walton emphasized the topic of service. He said that many people who join the organizations say they want to do service but when it’s time to do service they don’t show up or some forget to put ‘scholarship’ before anything.

    “Like dawg what’s really going on, don’t make excuses,” Walton said.

    He also talked about the leaders of the organizations and the new members who have join recently to take them and make them well rounded.

    “Take those unrefined people and shape them into a well-rounded human beings,” he said.

    The message for the discussion was to ‘not allow ourselves to fall back into the ways [narrative] our ancestors tried so hard to prevent.

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