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NFL Draft Talk Volume XIV

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As the NFL draft draws closer and closer here are some questions that are circulating that pertain to prospects and their draft stock as well as their potential and projected impacts at the next level.
What is Josh Rosen’s realistic trade value?

With the growing speculation that Heisman winning quarterback Kyler Murray will get selected with the No.1 overall pick in this year’s draft to the Arizona Cardinals after he officially measured in at 5”10” 1/8 and weighed in at 207 pounds at the NFL scouting combine, that would mean the end of current starter Josh Rosen’s very short tenure with the organization after just one season.

The Cardinals traded up from the 15th spot to select Rosen with the 10th overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft and after a rather underwhelming rookie season in which he started 14 games and saw the team finish with a 3-13 record, dead last in the division, the team is primed for a mulligan with Murray.

After Rosen was drafted, he made headlines when he said that the nine teams that passed on him made a mistake and that he would be making them pay for it over the next decade or so. Now it seems that 10 teams made a mistake if the Cardinals do indeed move on from him after such a small sample size but the temptation of taking the electrifying dual-threat quarterback might prove too much for the team to pass up in favor of the significantly less mobile Rosen.

These swelling speculations are beginning to make some experts and front office executives question what Rosen’s realistic trade value might be after a subpar rookie season that saw some glimpses of promise but is being viewed as the most unimpressive of the five first-round quarterbacks that were taken last year.

In his defense, he had arguably the worst supporting cast of all five of the rookie quarterbacks, especially along the offensive line, which was tied for the fifth most sacks given up and finished dead last in rushing last season, despite having a healthy David Johnson all year.

While there are some that would cast aspersions on his trade value and say he’d be worth a third-round selection in this year’s draft at best, there are others who believe that he has the potential to be the next Jarred Goff.

The comparison isn’t really that farfetched because like Goff, he suffered and looked like a bust in his first season in the league under a defensive minded head coach and behind a pours offensive line. If he can find himself in a situation like Jared found himself in during his second season with Rams with an innovative offensively minded head coach and signal caller coupled with a revamped or at least serviceable offensive line, he could blossom like Goff did and lead a team to the Superbowl while still on his rookie deal.

Rosen and the rest of the NFL world will have to wait until April 25 when the Cardinals are officially on the clock to see what the future has in store but until then the second-year quarterback’s trade value will be debated and dissected until an offer materializes and a decision has been. As of right now, the Washington Redskins are rumored as early favorites to trade for Rosen if Murray goes No.1 overall despite their recent trade for former Denver Broncos starter Case Keenum.

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