Watch out Students, Construction Underway


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    Student safety is always a priority. With new campus construction and renovation projects coming to UNCP in the wake of N.C. Promise, environmental safety officer Michael Bullard urges student to stay safe while paying more attention and being “situationally aware.”

    “To the students, if you see a barricade, don’t cross the barricade,” he said. “Be aware that the barricade or caution tape is there for a reason.”

    Additionally, Bullard emphasized the need for students to be aware of their surroundings and to pay attention as they walk across campus.

    “My concern is to make sure they’re [students] aware of the hazards and keeping them diverted from out of the construction,” he said. “So we’ll have ongoing meetings with planning and construction and facilities to make sure that happens.”

    Bullard is also in the process of inspecting facilities in preparation for the new semester. This includes the inspection of fire alarms, sprinkler systems and emergency exit routes.

    “Regardless of whether you’re a student, faculty or staff, I’m here to keep you safe and make sure you are educated of the hazards in your work area,” Bullard said.

    Among the construction projects that will begin in the new year is the renovation of West Hall, the new entrance to Lumbee Hall, and the addition of the new business building.

    According to Bullard, the Prospect Road project has been pushed back by the NC Department of Transportation for now.

    For more information on the Prospect Road renovation, visit health-safety/resources/prospect-road-renovation/.

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