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    Q: Why did you choose to run for Miss UNCP?

    A: Being Miss UNCP to me was so much more than just another title to have under my belt. I believe that, even without the title, I am a representative of Brave Nation, as a student leader. I wanted to be able to represent the University that I love so very much on a higher level and in a more official capacity.

    Q: How did you prepare for the pageant?

    A: I began preparing for the pageant during the summer of 2017. It took a lot of hard work and effort because it consists of spending a great deal of time doing things like traveling to different towns for vocal lessons, completing mock interviews, finding wardrobe pieces, and making sure that all loose ends are tied up before the day of the pageant.

    Q: How did it feel to win?

    A: When they called my name, I was filled with so much emotion! I wanted to cry and scream at the same time because the excitement and happiness was just so overwhelming. I knew immediately that my life was about to get even more hectic and the next year was going to be a fun, exciting time.

    Q: How did you choose your platform (R.I.S.E)/ How is your platform important to you?

    A: R.I.S.E. stands for Retention Increasing through Service and Engagement. I chose this platform because I wanted to make sure that I was promoting something that I am passionate about. UNC-Pembroke is a great institution, full of opportunities, and I believe that everyone who comes here can find a home here. While I have been here, I have definitely found my niche, in multiple places. I want to be able to help other people do that.

    Q: How will you be using your status as Miss UNCP to advocate for your platform (R.I.S.E)?

    A: As Miss UNCP, I plan to continue doing some of the things that I have already been doing for the past three years, but on an elevated level and in a different capacity. As a student leader, I give presentations to freshman seminar classes in an effort to help them become engaged and active citizens on our campus and in our community. I am also an intern for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. This position allows me to travel to local high schools and reach out to prospective students. By doing this, I am able to make contact with students before they step onto our campus. I believe that one of the most important things about promoting a platform is leading by example. Every day, I am engaged in campus-life and, to me, this has been a determining factor in my success at UNC Pembroke.

    Q: Which events will you be attending as Miss UNCP?

    A: The day after the pageant, I got about four appearance requests. My schedule is crazy busy! I will be at both the Miss Indian North Carolina pageant and Alpha Sigma Phi Sweetheart pageant, performing special music. I also plan on being at our first Open House event of the semester. I will also be speaking to the Board of Trustees soon and I have some events scheduled as far out as April. I am really excited to be able to meet new people and represent UNCP.

    Q: What does it mean to you to be “Brave?”

    A: To me, being Brave means that you recognize the opportunities given to you and you take advantage of them. Being Brave is not always about being fearless, but rather going forth despite your fear. Fear is something that is a part of human nature, but sometimes in order to be prosperous, we must push our fear aside and carry on.

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