How to Start Your Career Fresh Out of College


Looking to land that first job after college? Here’s how.


Start with creating a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn, is one of the largest professional websites that provides opportunities for individuals, from high school seniors to top level professionals, with years of experience. Creating a LinkedIn account can help everyone to network with job recruiters.

LinkedIn not only helps you connect with potential job recruiters, but it also helps you to connect with people you may know who may have other connections with other professionals.

Because, it’s not always what you know – it’s who you know.


Next, consider starting a blog using WordPress or other sites.

Yes, a blog.

Most college students don’t think having a blog could exhibit professionalism, but on the contrary, a blog is a great way to show potential job recruiters that you are persistent with staying up-to-date on current topics and that you produce material steadily. This could potentially land you a job in fields such as marketing, news writing or social media management.

Not only just for majors in communications or journalism, this experience can also translate into other job fields like working in digital strategies or online community manager, for example.


Another way to get your foot into the door, and make yourself stand out among other college students competing for the same position, is through internships.

Internships are very important because they allow a person to make themselves noticeable to employee in the workforce.

Once a student has found his or her way to an internship, they should start thinking about possible mentors. Mentors can help students stay on the right track and keep them positive and motivated to accomplish their goals. For instance, professors, counselors or coaches could be potential mentors.

University Opportunities

Also, try finding opportunities at school by using the career service center offered on campus. The career service center can help students by facilitating contact with alumni that may be working in a student’s field of study.

The career service center also offers help with resume building, cover letter writing, and interview preparation.

Using the career service center is a part of the building blocks to starting a potential job after college.

Professional Clubs

Finally, join professional development clubs, for example PRSSA, SGA, Honors clubs – to name a few.

Joining a professional development club is a great way to start networking faster than a person would with merely a social media platform.

Most professional development clubs stride towards going to international networking events that have different job recruiters who are looking for students fresh out of college to fit their entry-level positions.

And there you have it, six different ways to help in potentially landing a job after college.

There should be no excuses as to why a college student can’t pursue at least three of these potential areas. Now, get out in the real world and build yourself into a potential employee.

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