Meet CJ: UNCP’s New Therapy Dog


    The university’s counseling and psychological services (CAPS), welcomed a new therapy dog, CJ, over the summer.

    He is owned by one of UNCP’s therapists, Dr. George Gressman. Gressman also trains CJ.

    CJ is a Boxer/Chow mix. “He is in the process of training with the expectation that he will pass his certification test from the organization Therapy Dog International,” Gressman wrote.

    He stays with a therapist at all times now and is learning to sense different psychological issues one may have, from anxiety or depression.

    He will eventually be able to be pet, and use his heartbeat to calm his patients who may suffer from anxiety, depression, or any other psychological issues.

    This will all tie back to the therapist and aid in them in finding what works best for the patient.

    An interesting fact about CJ is that he is named after a very famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung. Jung is best known for his theories of the Collective Unconscious.

    If one is not a patient of CAPS, they can still set up a time to simply stop by to see CJ using braveconnect.

    Even though CJ is not an officially certified therapy dog, he is already helping bring many smiles on campus.

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