CAPS Settles Into New Offices


    The Brave Health Center breaks in their new building and opens itself up to students in ways that the previous offices could not.

    The second floor of the Brave Health Center building is dedicated to Counselling and Psychological Services, previously located on the second floor of the University Center.

    Students can use the private entrance by stairway through the main doors, or by elevator.

    It creates a welcoming and personal atmosphere for students and faculty through a receptionist window and intimate yet functional waiting room complete with about eight chairs.

    A mixture of yellow and dark red walls in the reception area and waiting room ensues a level of comfort and uplifting emotions.

    The scene is brought together by a nook counter holding a Keurig machine and a handful of herbal teas or an instant coffee to choose from.

    To add to the hospitality aspect, there is a mini refrigerator under the counter filled with water bottles labeled with a sticker that has the CAPS logo and the North Carolina Problem Gambling Program hotline number and website on it.

    The services upgraded with the move to the new building also. There are now two conference rooms, two break rooms for the workers, a service dog in training, a section to update or do an initial evaluation form prior to receiving care and each counselor and intern now has his or her own office.

    In the previous location, the interns were often placed outside the main office and Psychiatric Provider Theresa Williamson, shared an office with another counselor.

    Each counselor having a private office provides students with a personalized visit and attention that is deserved.

    There are also group therapy rooms where topics such as substance abuse, talk therapy and couples counselling are discussed.

    Aside from spacing, a serenity garden was added to the front of the building with benches, a small water feature, an array of flowers and a pathway through the center.

    It was made possible by the donations of Dr. Kenneth, a UNCP graduate, and Michelle Locklear.

    The building expenses totaled approximately $4 million and was in the works for 10 years, according to Lisa Schaeffer, the vice chancellor of Student Affairs.

    The donations of Cora and Tony Bullard were recognized during the ceremony and the Student Health Director’s Office has been named in honor of Mrs. Bullard.

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