Program Encourages Students to Avoid Honor Code Violations


    Housing and Residence Life hosted an event on campus that focused on the major violations of the university’s academic policy.

    The event, called “Jailbait,” caught the attention of bystanders walking by in the UC in the early Wednesday evening.

    “The program is mainly geared towards academic integrity,” Cypress community director, Jaquala Lyons, said. “Our main focus is to make students more aware of the [academic policy].”

    Selected students participated as inmates and were restrained, while their peers would have to read the academic policy in its entirety and then sign that they understand it to free their fellow classmates.

    Depending on the seriousness of the situation, it would vary from how many people would need to sign the policy for “bail.”

    Upon being bonded out, the student had to explain the exact significance of academic integrity and how it directly affects the student’s and the university’s standing.

    The program listed and categorized the following offenses as serious violations of the academic policy as they were the spotlight of the night: plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification, or P.F.F for short. The program highlighted these violations and explained what they were, along with the consequences.

    The intention of the event was to emphasize the severity of an honor code violation while providing information on how to use on-campus resources to avoid such issues.

    “Some of our poster boards list how to correctly cite [sources]. You know, just to bring awareness,” Lyons states.

    In a survey conducted by Donald McCabe of Rutgers University, 36 percent of the 72,950 college students who participated said they had borrowed information from the internet without properly citing it.

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