Students’ International Knowledge Tested at Trivia Night


    The didgeridoo is a wind instrument made by the indigenous people of what country?

    According to International Trivia Night host Nami Montgomery, the answer is Australia.

    UNCP International Programs hosted an international trivia night on March 16, where students on campus used their known or unfamiliar knowledge to answer trivia questions.

    The questions were based on information from various countries around the world.

    “This is international, so we’ll ask international questions,” said ESL Specialist Nami Montgomery.

    The first time the International Programs hosted this event was last year. Since everyone enjoyed themselves last time, the organization decided to offer the event again to all students.

    The event included three teams: Team Sam, Team Did We Win and Team Lost in Translation. The game included five rounds with five different categories including “Food and Drink,” “Music” and “In the News.”

    Each team numbered their category from most familiar to least to determine their final score of the round. For every correct answer, a team received a point for their team.

    Before the night began, the participants engaged in conversation with one another and exchanged in friendly trash talking. However, one participant praised another for their intelligence in the classroom.

    “You’re like an encyclopedia,” said a trivia night contestant. “Which is good for trivia.”

    With one of the teams knowing it will be a challenge for them to win, they devised a tactic to come away victorious.

    “The strategy is for us to have the least confidence,” said a trivia night team member. “We’ll be the underdog.”

    But that plan quickly faded for that team when the questions on international countries stumped them.

    “You don’t know what you could get with world trivia,” said Alex Brandt, Study Abroad Coordinator. “It could be international, it could be anything.”

    During the middle of the event, Team Sam was close to taking the lead, but Lost in Translation was continuously a step ahead and secured the lead.

    In the end, Lost in Translation came out on top with 122 points. Team Sam came in second with 98 and Did We Win came in third with 76.

    The event not only confirmed participants of their own knowledge, but made them realize their hidden wisdom.

    “I’m surprised I knew anything,” said a trivia night participant on Team Sam. “We should do it again.”

    The International Programs next event will be at Jones Lake on April 22. Students will participate in activities including hiking, canoeing, swimming, and paddle boating. Individuals will also be going on a nature trail.

    The registration cost is $10. The registration deadline for the event is April 19.

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