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‘Legally Blonde The Musical’ Ends in Standing Ovation

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Elle Woods showing her UCLA pride, dancing for Harvard Admissions. PN Photo/Abigail Chabala

By Abigail Chabala

The Givens Performing Arts Center had a ray of hot pink across the audience members for “Legally Blonde the Musical.”

The musical is based off the 2001 romantic comedy, “Legally Blonde,” starring Reese Witherspoon as the main character, Elle Woods.

Elle Woods is a blonde, University of California Los Angeles student and sorority girl, who studied fashion merchandising and had a 4.0 GPA. Elle Woods is known for her cute dog and her over the top and stylish pink wardrobe. Her dog also wears the same bright pink colors.

After her boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, did not propose and broke up with her because she wasn’t serious enough for him. Elle decided to become a serious girl to win her boyfriend back.

“My friends and I just watched the movie and really wanted to see the musical. My favorite part was in the restaurant when Elle’s boyfriend was about to break up with Elle and it was funny because I knew what was coming,” Hayden Clubb said.

Elle decides to win her ex-boyfriend by hatching a plan to get into Harvard Law School, which was the same place Warner got accepted to.

“I came to see this musical to see how it is to be an audience member and watch a show. I’ve only been in shows, and I wanted to see what it was like to be in the audience,” Seonte Mckeithan, Theatre major, said.

After Elle was accepted, she was extremely excited, but was at Harvard for the wrong reasons. She wasn’t there to learn law. She soon realized that if she was going to stay in law school, she needed to stop worrying about impressing Warner, but open up a textbook and start studying.

“My favorite part was all of the dance sequences because of the energy they had in the dancing, the lighting was exciting, and made me want to get up and start dancing. Overall it was really great,” Mckeithan said.

Elle finds a study partner, Emmett Forrest, who helps her with what to study to be a successful law student. Emmett Forrest in the movie was played by academy award nominee Luke Wilson.

The studying pays off when Elle starts knowing the correct answers in Professor Callahan’s law class. She eventually becomes a part of Callahan’s internship team.

After a 20-minute intermission, act two starts with the internship students visiting a woman, Brooke Taylor-Windham, in jail for allegedly killing her husband and become her legal team.

During Brooke’s trial, Elle uses her knowledge about beauty and hair styling in order to prove the innocence of Brooke. The ending of the musical is when Elle and her friends all graduate from Harvard and she ends up getting into a relationship with her study partner, Emmett.

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