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UNCP Brings Excitement to the Community with Annual Parade

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Float for the office of the Chancellor. PN Photo/Jillian Shroyer

By: Daria Parker

Faculty Row located by UNCP was blocked off as students and members of the community waited for the decorative floats to pass through, to bring school spirit to the entirety of Pembroke.

Floats were filled with athletes, student organizations, businesses and local high schools that became the center focal point on Oct. 27 at 4 p.m. The parade also featured a contest to see which contestants designed the most creative and decorative float.

“Seeing the community still coming together and engaging with the school, brings me so much joy and makes me remember why I’m proud to be an alum from this school,” 2015 alum Tavis Richardson said.

Occupants on the decorative rides threw candy out to the younger members of the community who looked up in admiration at each passerby.

The parade was led by the Town of Pembroke mayor and city officials riding on golf carts. Chancellor Cummings, and his wife were the second in the parade on the float that represented the Office of the Chancellor alongside employees who work in this office.

The famous Spirit Squad of UNCP accompanied the band. These ladies stopped multiple times to wave their pom poms and get the crowd engaged. The football team and other athletes that were right behind, came together to begin the hype around the event and celebrations of the weekend that were soon to come.

“It’s a great feeling seeing your community and school come together in celebration especially after COVID-19 happened. Seeing everyone back together again is what it is all about,” said Jaden Richardson, junior football player.

Following the athletes was a float with candidates for1887 Society. These aspirants dressed in their black and gold and shined. The 1887 Society replaced the traditional homecoming court this year.

The band, cheerleaders and majorettes from both Purnell Swett High School and Lumberton High School, twirled their flags while dressed in their school colors. The band played catchy chants that engaged the crowd more as they continued their melody. Maintaining consistency with the majorettes.

Alumni have always been valued by UNCP and that was showcased as the UNC Pembroke Alumni Association passed by with members of this community.

Representatives of various UNCP departments drove golf carts while student members marched beside them passing out candy to the audience.

The Lumbee Ambassadors’ pageant queens who represent the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and its history, were driven in class with their crowns glistening in the sun and their smiles wide with pride for their community.

Little Miss Lumbee Jakayleigh Miracle Lambert, Junior Miss Lumbee Keely Noel Deal, Teen Miss Lumbee Anna Grace Hunt and Miss Lumbee Mahlea Celeste Hunt are the 2022-2023 holders of the crown.

Members of the Pembroke Rural Fire Department brought out various fire trucks and honked their horns as they waved to the spectators lined up to partake in the excitement.

The event continued with vintage cars driving down and being followed by go-karts driven by men of Pembroke, really having the young kids jump up with joy.

This year’s winners for most spirited and most creative are Housing and Residence Life and The Agriculture Club. The winners did not take away from the other floats that showcased talent and excitement for the University

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