Kay’s Cafe


The philly steak hoagie with fries. Photo PN/Anayah L. Peterson

By Anayah L. Peterson, Managing Editor

Restaurant Review

The Pine Needle staff went to Kay’s Cafe to try out their homestyle food. The restaurant opened a month ago.

Restaurant goers should note that the largest table is for four seats.

The design of the “cafe” was more fitting of a fast food restaurant with an incomplete interior. There was a TV mount on the wall but there was no TV on the mount. The chairs seemed unstable and worn. The walls were a gloomy gray. The bathrooms were not sparkling clean.

When entering the restaurant, you visit the hostess stand which also serves as the check out.

They seated us and presented an option between the menu and the fried chicken bar. Unfortunately, they only gave one menu to share and forgot to come back and the order was not taken until 30 minutes later.

As we were ordering our food, drinks came out at the same time. Most of us ordered sweet tea with one student ordering a soda. One staff member changed their sweet tea to a soda because it was too sweet. The tea also tasted very thick while others were very water.

The entrees arrived 20 minutes later. The staff ordered: philly steak hoagie, bacon cheeseburger, boneless chicken, onion rings, fries, cheese fries, sweet potato and pecan pies. The staff originally wanted yams as well, but it was out of stock.

The philly steak hoagie had a lot of mayonnaise which hurt the overall taste. However, it was not entirely bad. The steak seemed to be cooked medium. The server did not ask how the staff wanted their steak or burgers cooked.

The bacon cheeseburger met the expectations but there was no “wow” factor, as well as the cheese fries. The burger was well done.

The boneless chicken was delicious. Customers can choose to have a grilled or fried chicken sandwich. Staff went with the fried choice. The onion rings were crispy and good.

As for the desserts, overall they were acceptable. The staff originally wanted the fried cheesecake, but they were out of stock. The desserts came pre-packaged. The sweet potato pie had a white fluffy coat on top that helped with the flavor of the pie. The pecan pie is a great southern option for everyone.

Although the interior was not interesting, the staff was very friendly. They had traditional southern hospitality and made you feel welcome. The overall experience with food, space, design and order time was not extremely bad. Take out would be the best option.

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