Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Fun Night of Juegos and More

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Students at OSID playing loteria at OSID Latin game night. PN Photo/Ester Sanchez

By Ester Sanchez, Web Editor

A game night with popular Latin games, refreshments and music provided, a place for Latino and non-Latino students to connect.

The games available were “Loteria,” “brisca,” “dominoes” and “Latino or no.” Loteria is like bingo but with Spanish words. Brisca is a card game played with a 40-card Spanish deck that’s played with two to four people. Dominoes is very popular in Caribbean countries. “Latino or No” is a game that puts your cultural knowledge to the test and prove that you’re #definitelylatino.

“I enjoyed seeing familiar faces and playing a game that is commonly played back home. It was also a great opportunity to meet new people and learn more about other cultures and how they play the games differently,” Isabel Olivares said.

The refreshments were horchata and jamaica. Mexican horchata is made of rice and cinnamon. Other Latin countries make horchata in different ways. El Salvador makes their horchata from the seeds of morro. Jamaica is made from hibiscus flowers.

Latin music played in the background. Students could request songs.

“I love these Latino events because as someone that’s learning Spanish, I can get in contact with Latino culture and people,” Caleb Gilbert said.

The Latino Student Union was promoted at the event. The Latin Student Union(LSU) will be an organization that focuses on the Latin and Hispanic student body and supports them throughout their years at UNCP. The LSU will embrace and bring awareness to the Latino community.

“We want our Hispanic students to feel included and to help them out with job opportunities, scholarships, tutoring, student hall and other things,” Tonya Juarez said.

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