Diamond Fredrick scored 8 points against Southern Wesleyan. PN Photo/Mykayla Brady

Alcenia Purnell had a total of 15 points against Southern Wesleyan. PN Photo/Mykayla Brady

By: Mahala Treish, Photo Editor

Women’s Basketball had a successful weekend, winning the game on Friday against Southern Wesleyan and on Saturday they dominated Belmont Abbey.

The Braves made a comeback squeaking past Southern Wesleyan 67-64 on Feb. 11 at Lumbee Guaranty Bank Court. Courtney Smith, redshirt sophomore, completed 7-10 of her field goals and was 100% at the free throw line, being
the highest scorer of the night with 18 points. Diamond Fedrick, redshirt senior, had a game-high 7 rebounds.

Southern Wesleyan had 19 turnovers, with those turnovers UNCP was able to score 25 points.

Alcenia Purnell was 50% with field goals for the night and made 2-2 of her free throws, finishing with 16 total points on the night. UNCP controlled the turnover margin with 12 steals compared to Southern Wesleyan’s 4 steals. The score of the game was tied 3 times throughout the night and the lead changed 3 different times as well.

In the 4th quarter Wesleyan was leading the game with 53-41, it was time for the Braves to make a comeback. They knocked down 26 points in the last quarter of the night to win the game.

Women’s Basketball dominated Belmont Abbey 61-57 on Feb. 12 at Lumbee Guaranty Bank Court. Gabby Smith was 60% from the field completing a total of 16 points, a team-high for the night. Zaria Clark, freshman, had 2 offensive and 8 defensive rebounds giving her a total of 10, a team-high.

Alcenia Purnell was 3-7 with 3-pointer field goal and finished right behind Smith with a total of 15 points.

Braves had led the game for about 36 minutes where Belmont Abbey only held the lead for about 2 minutes of the whole game. Third quarter was the highest scoring quarter for the Braves with a total of 23 points. UNCP also had a total of 22 points in the paint for the night and gained 12 points solely off of turnovers.