Secrets From a Job Recruiter Workshop


    Jilian Nerenberg, Assistant Director of the Career Center Submitted Photo/ Career Center

    By: Michaela Tisdale, Promotions and Social Media Manager

    College isn’t just about classes, the aftermath is what really matters. The Career Center hosted a career lab series to give students career advice.

    The “Hidden Secrets from a Job Recruiter,” series informs students about what employers look for in a potential candidate. The assistant director of the career center, Jillian Nerenberg, presented a workshop on the hidden secrets on why employers won’t hire a potential candidate. The workshop was short and informal. UNCP is hosting a
    career lab series throughout the semester to give students advice on the do’s and don’ts of future careers.

    Nerenberg provided tips for students such as what to put on a resume, what employers look, how to properly present yourself on social media and professionalism in an interview. Nerenberg said before anyone applies to a job they must look at the job description because this helps you write the resume.

    The resume must lean towards the position you apply for and meet the requirements. Nerenberg shares tips on resumes. Managers look at resumes through a computer algorithm and choose what they are looking for on resumes.

    She gave participants of the workshop examples of strong resumes and what they look like. Ways to make a resume strong are to include verbs and adverbs. The Career Center website offers resume guides and examples for students to use. The guide is
    on the UNCP website under the Career Center tab for students. Nerenberg shared suggestions candidates can make on improving the application process.

    “Being prepared, understanding the job, understanding every single part of the process and not being afraid to ask questions. Being the best version of yourself,” Nerenberg said.

    Nerenberg shares tips on how to act after an interview such as the proper etiquette. Before any interview, it’s important to check social media platforms. Social media plays a role. A LinkedIn profile may show professionalism. Recruiters research potential employers. People have lost their jobs because of what they posted on social media sites.

    After an interview has ended Nerenburg shares that a candidate should follow up and thank the recruiter. This is when professionalism and email etiquette come into play. The candidate should give a recruiter time to get back to the potential candidate. Leaving the best impression is very important to a recruiter. Being persistent and being desperate are two different things after an interview. One of the participants in the workshop shared something she learned that she can use in her future career. Anna Pollard is a student in the business administration program.

    “I am an older student and I learned to not put all of my experience onto one resume,” Pollard said.

    The career center is located on the second floor of the University Center. Students can stop by the center anytime and talk to any of the staff or career counselors to get help on completing resumes

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