By: Jillian Shroyer

Student Name: Emé Sanchez

Classification: Graduate

Song: Cold December

Artist: Rod Wave

Student Name: Mikalah Watson

Classification: Sophomore

Song: Billie Jean

Artist: Michael Jackson

Student Name: Jenna Humble

Classification: Freshman

Song: 30/90

Artist: Andrew Garfield

Student Name: Zion Barnes

Classification: Sophomore

Song: Bora Bora

Artist: Lil Durk

Student Name: Benjamin Wood

Classification: Junior

Song: That I miss you

Artist: Vansire

Student Name: Randi Gabbert

Classification: Senior

Song: Eye of the Tiger

Artist: Survivor

Student Name:Danielle Riley

Classification: Freshman

Song: Cover me up

Artist: Morgan Wallen

Student Name: Catarina Maggio

Classification: Sophomore

Song: Slow it down

Artist: Zaia

Student Name: Treasure Springs

Classification: Freshman

Song: Nobody but you

Artist: Sonder and Jorja Smith

Student Name: Brandon Womack

Classification: Senior

Song: To The Sky

Artist: Owl City

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