A Way To Introduce More Variety To Your Taco Night!


Homemade tacos shell “Chris’s Chalupa” shell. Idea from Taco Bell. PN Photo/ Christopher Machine

By: Christopher Machine, Reporter

Chris’s Chalupa Shell

What you’ll need:

• 2 Flour tortillas
• 1 Ounce of butter or oil

• 2 Ounces of your preferred shredded cheese. Refried beans will work as a substitute

How to make:

I. On a stovetop, put half of your butter onto your frying pan at medium heat.
II. Once up to heat, place one of your tortillas into the pan, frying only one side of the tortilla until browned.
III. On a separate plate, place your uncooked tortilla onto the plate and spread your cheese on top of it.
IV. Place your half-fried tortilla onto the bed of cheese, fried-side down. Your “Imitation Chalupa” should look like an uncooked quesadilla.
V. Add in the rest of the butter and brown the outer layers of your “Chris’s Chalupa.” IV. Remove your creation of a Chalupa shell from the pan and enjoy.

“Chris’s Chalupa” shell could redefine your taco night! Life on campus is never easy nor is deciding whether to go eat at one of the restaurants around campus or cook something at home. Among the various quick and easy meals that I make for my friends is tacos. The corn or flour tortilla creation wrapped around whatever you want. While a tasty way to feed yourself, an issue I commonly run into is a lack of variety.

However, there are different ways to mix up how you’re creating the taco, and today you’re going to learn how I enhance the tortilla or “shell” of the taco. If you frequent Taco Bell, you may notice the similarity to Taco Bell’s Chalupa. For those who don’t, this shell gives more of a crunch than the average shell along with a savory taste. Since the shell is more crispy than your average one, it will not fall apart as quickly as a regular one.

The recipe for the “Chris’s Chalupa” is very minimalistic, requiring only three main ingredients: two flour tortillas, one ounce of oil or butter and two ounces of shredded cheese. For those who are allergic to dairy, using refried beans also works as a good bonding agent!

To start, lay down one tortilla on a plate and spread your shredded cheese on top of the tortilla, making sure to cover the entire surface. Turn your stove top on to medium heat and place your frying pan on the stovetop.

Next put half of your oil into the pan, making sure to cover the entire surface with it. Once up to heat, place your unused tortilla into the frying pan and brown one side, this should take between 3-5 minutes.

Once the one side of the tortilla is browned, remove the tortilla from the eye and place it browned-side down onto the plated tortilla. Add the rest of your oil to the pan and put your “imitation chalupa” into the oil. Brown both sides of the “Chris’s Chalupa” and remove from the oil.

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