Students and Community Engage at Pembroke Day


By: Anayah Peterson, Reporter

Students, Alumni and the local community enjoyed the many student lead organizations and local vendors at Pembroke Day. Celebrating the 31st Anniversary of this event at the Quad.

Pembroke Day is an important day at BraveNation because it allows for the students٫ alumni and the community to honor traditions at Pembroke. 

According to Paul Jolicoeur, Director of Community Relations, Approximately 1,200 people attended, and 115 vendors set up at Pembroke day.

The event dates back to 1990. The university and community collaborated from food, live entertainment, giveaways and promotional information. It is beneficial because students get to learn about the local area while locals can learn more about student organizations and what the university has to offer. 

The Quad is one of the oldest areas on campus at UNCP. A lot of honor ceremonies or events such as graduation are hosted there. It is located between Old Main and Livermore Library. 

Live entertainment was provided by Mark McKinney & Co. and Alexis Jones. They played music and sang throughout the entire event. Pembroke Singers, the Concert Band and the Spirit of the Carolinas Marching Band also performed across from Livermore Library.

 Students were able to check out student organizations such as Inkwell, Campus Engagement  Leaderships, Community and Civic Engagement٫ various academic departments within their concentration, and more. 

Many of Pembroke’s prominent figures were seen at the event.  Lumbee Ambassadors also made an appearance at Pembroke Day. Miss Lumbee, Taylor Brooke Locklear was there also with Little Miss Lumbee, Riley Madison Dial and Junior Miss Lumbee, Kynnady Locklear. Pembroke’s district attorney Matt Scott was there at the event.

Students who needed something to snack on, there was a food truck by North and Belk Hall. The name of the food truck was Papa Bill’s B.B.Q. From there students could enjoy barbecue food from the local area. There was also a second one beside it selling shaved ice, which was Snow’s Cut Hawaiian Shaved Ice.

Jaycie Knight, a senior, was operating at the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. SAAC hosted Pie a Coach at Pembroke Day, which allowed students to pie coaches or athletes. The money raised from the event went towards the Make-A-Wish foundation. 

“I am having lots of fun pieing my coaches in the face while raising money for a good cause,” Knight said.

The Department of Cursing had a table set up to allow people to get free blood sugar testing. They also had a table to show the signs of a heart attack so people can be more informed. 

Many students were excited about Pembroke Day because it was not an event last year due to COVID-19. New first-year students were able to enjoy the event this year. They had access to learn more about what the campus and community have to offer. 

Freshmen Jenna Humble and Destini Hardie enjoyed their start of the event with a free bag of food on the Quad Lawn. 

“I really enjoy it out here because there are a lot of things to look at. I can just relax and have fun. The community is very nice,” Hardie said.

Students were also able to learn about classes they can take during the spring semester. Alexa Solorzano, a senior, enjoyed her timetabling with the Department of Religion and Philosophy. She talked about a superhero hero logic class that students can take next spring.

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