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UNCP is Conference Carolinas Champs

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By: Mahala Treish, Photo Editor

After winning the Conference Carolinas title, Soccer was welcomed back to the Jones Center with a celebration. This was the Braves’ first season in the Conference Carolinas after leaving the Peach Belt Conference at the end of the 2020-2021 season.

The team was escorted by The Pembroke Police Department as they made their arrival back to the Jones Center at 10 p.m. 

The athletic department set a blow up arch with “Welcome Home Braves” on the top in front of the building with a fog machine for the players to walk through.

As soon as you came through the door there was a table with the championship team picture printed out for all of the players to get their teammates autographs. 

One by one they gave each other their photos for the whole team to sign. Running around, the players counted and recounted the signatures to ensure that they got the whole team to sign their pictures.

In attendance was athletic director Dick Christy, his wife Windy Christy and a couple of fans to help celebrate this big moment with the team. Athletics had a set up for pictures with an Adidas background and a table for the trophy to go on with the banner underneath. Each player lined up behind the table to get single or group shots. 

Head Coach, Lars Anderson gave a speech at the end of the celebration to express his excitement for the Conference Championship win. 

Lars reassured the girls that they should take the time to celebrate this win but also get ready for their next goal which is winning the NCAA Championship title. 

Brianna De Coteau, senior, the team captain wanted to prove all the teams in the Conference Carolinas who UNCP is. 

“Our motto for this season was “Ready or not” because whether the other teams wanted us in the conference or not we were coming. We set our goals from the start and worked extremely hard to accomplish them. Dedication and great team chemistry is what lead us to this point.” Coteau said

Nicole Cook,a junior midfielder, is thrilled with the team’s success this season.

“ It feels really great, it’s kinda funny because we all feel like it hasn’t really set in yet to feel real. It’s definitely a great feeling.” 

This was a great celebration for their big win but now it’s time for the players to get ready for the NCAA Championship.

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