Walking Down the Red Carpet


    Nick Radar and Mallory Moen. PN Photo/Anayah Peterson

    Students dancing to “Cupid Shuffle.” PN Photo/Anayah Peterson

    By: Anayah Peterson, Reporter

    Homecoming semi-formal has students walking down the red carpet as the balloons herd around the door’s entrance. Students could see others walking around in their best fit.

    Pembroke’s Activities Council hosted the dance for homecoming week. The theme for that day was Decades Day. When dressing for the school’s semi-formal dance, the theme for the dance was the red carpet. Students were seen in floor length dresses, while others attended in suits.

    The dance was located in the Auxiliary Gym. At the back of the room, light finger foods and drinks were provided for students. Tables were also set up for people to sit at. They were decorated with light decor and a simple arrangement for the middle of the tables.

    Students entered the dance with friends who attended the school and others who were just guests. The dance started at 7 p.m. and ended at 10 p.m. The DJ played various types of music genres while taking in song requests.

    Many students were seen getting up to dance to the several line dances. Those songs were “Wobble,” “Cupid Shuffle,” “Before I Let Go” and more.

    “The dance is pretty fun. I am going to continue dancing anyways. Even if no one else is dancing,” Mallory Moen said, junior.

    Moen went to the dance with her boyfriend Nick Radar, who is not a student attending UNCP. It did not feel like a dance to Moen because not a lot of people were dancing at the beginning of the dance.

    Outside of the dance, there was a photobooth that students could take pictures at. Props were provided for students to use for the photos.

    “I like the energy in the room here. I also enjoy the engaging songs that the DJ played because line dances are fun,” Shelby Perry, a sophomore who is part of the Pembroke’s Activities Council.

    Perry enjoyed the decorations in the room while watching people vibe to the music with friends.

    The semi-formal dance was one of the few events during the Friday evening of the Vanilla Ice Show at GPAC. Students were able to continue celebrating homecoming while dressed up in style.

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