RA’s Haunted House Scares for Care Resource Center


    Courtyard RA’s outside of Community Building, turned haunted house, collecting can food goods for Care Resource Center.PN Photo/Daria Parker

    By: Daria Parker

    As Halloween has come and gone, Housing and Residence Life decided to put on a haunted house at the Courtyard community building. Although the purpose is to give the residents a good scare, it was also a can food drive with all the proceeds going to the Care Resource Center.

    In this haunted house the actors consisted of the resident advisers who imitated Halloweens most scary characters. Those who are getting spooked are greeted at the front of the entryway with a character who is touring them through the various parts of the house. The haunted house was a maze-like trail through the community building, with sectioned off parts that are themed differently. One of the sections was of a doctor performing a bloody surgery on a patient. Leaving residents running out of the scare house screaming, this event was a hit for everyone who attended.

    “The haunted house was the most Halloween event I have been to on campus,” Sidney Clayman said, a senior studying Biology. “You can tell they really put in a lot of hard work to decorate the building and make their characters believable with all the fake blood.”

    With campus organizations planning different events for students to become engaged and entertained on campus this eerie event was a favorite amongst many students in attendance. For the students who attended they request the haunted house to be an event that takes place every Halloween at UNCP.

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