Last Free Major Update for Animal Crossing New Horizon


Anayah’s character stands in the town square interacting with the towns villagers. PN Photo/Anayah Peterson

Standing around admiring the scenery of Peterson’s village at night before Halloween. PN Photo/Anayah Peterson

By: Anayah Peterson

Nintendo is releasing their last free major update for “Animal Crossing New Horizon” and new downloadable content “Happy Home Paradise”.

The game was released in March 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic. “Animal Crossing New Horizon” is the latest game in the “Animal Crossing” franchise.

The game is a social stimulation where the player can interact with villagers in the game and with their friends who play the game. On the island the player’s character can decorate it, dress the character up, fish, catch bugs and more.

The new update brought much excitement for current players who own the game. The update brings new characters while bringing new elements to the game and various concepts that players wanted such as: cooking, farming new plants, and new content mechanics for the character’s house.

The content will help make some of the gameplay easier while bringing something new for all of the players to enjoy.

Nintendo brings back the Roost Cafe for fans who liked drinking at the cafe with their friends in previous games. In older games of the franchise, the Roost was located at the Museum. While the recent game, New Leaf, had the Roost Cafe as a separate building.

The game brings back fan-favorite characters from past and recent games. Those characters are Brewster, Kapp’n, Harriet and more. They are back in the game with new content. Kapp’n allows players to now travel to new exotic islands and islands that may be in different seasons or time zones. Harriet has seven new special hairstyles that she can teach them herself.

Jordan Holmes, a senior, is new to playing “Animal Crossing New Horizon”. He started playing the game about three months ago.

“I don’t know much about the new update except that you can cook in it and that seems like a really interesting thing to add to the game,” Holmes said.

Players will now be able to cook by using new crop item plants to make in their kitchen cooking pot. The new crops have plants such as potatoes, sugar cane and more.

Hal Harvey, a freshman, is also enthused about the new cooking content in the game. They have recently just started to play “Animal Crossing New Horizon” but have been playing games from the franchise for ten years.

“Personally, I am most excited about the farming they’ll be implementing as well as seeing the new villagers they’re introducing,” Harvey said.

They also expressed that the update is adding a lot of new features and they hope it brings back more players.

Players can update to the new content on Nov. 5. The DLC will also be available on the same day.

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